Metis Communications welcomes Zenput to client roster

November 24, 2015
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By: Cathy
It takes a lot of coordination to make sure the local franchise of your favorite coffee shop, restaurant or retail outlet delivers the same experience you’d find if you visited another location across town or across the country. It’s been a long-standing battle for large chains to keep their franchises on brand, well-stocked and up-to-date on promotions. That battle, until recently, has been waged with time-intensive manual processes and disconnected tactics. One of the newest members of the Metis Communications client family is making it a whole lot easier for district managers, franchise directors and other field associates to monitor retail execution across all their locations.
San Francisco-based Zenput provides mobile operations management and real-time analysis to companies, centralizing daily operations and human task management for distributed workers. More than 15,000 users at companies including Papa John’s, Rent-a-Center, Subway, Travel Centers of America and others rely on Zenput to analyze and act on real-time field data to streamline operations, track execution, improve brand management and help exceed customer expectations.
The value of this capability hits home for Zenput often, when customers share anecdotes of how much time they’re saving, how much more effort they can devote to strategic parts of their jobs and how clearly Zenput’s capabilities translate into dollars. For example, Zenput customer MAPCO recently rolled out lollipop and candy nut racks to all of its stores and planned a big marketing promotion around the new products. The convenience store chain used Zenput to verify the displays were in place at its 360 stores, and learned 48 hours before the promotion started that 38 percent of its stores needed replacement racks and 39 percent needed replacement signs. With that data, MAPCO was able to quickly get those materials to 136 locations where they were needed, and the company beat sales expectations for the program by nearly 15 percent in its first month.
Zenput’s mobile app helps MAPCO and other customers share real-time, in-store data so they can solve problems across hundreds or thousands of locations. The result, as Zenput MAPCO put it, is the ability to “focus on doing my job rather than following up to see if others are doing theirs.”
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