Four Saturday Morning Must-Reads for Startups and Entrepreneurs

April 27, 2013

By: Erin
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It's Saturday morning, otherwise known as your time to catch up on life. For you busy folks who need your weekend dose of technology news, you're in luck. We've recapped our favorite stories from the past week's newspapers, news sites and social media channels for your leisurely Saturday morning read. Sip your coffee and enjoy.
1) How Your To-Do List Can Boost Your Bottom Line – In this guest blog on Entrepreneur, Victor Cheng, author and co-founder of Entrepreneur-to-CEO Mastermind, provides six tips to help entrepreneurs determine how to focus on what's most important to their businesses to improve the bottom line and work less. He pulls inspiration from Steve Jobs' quote, “Focus isn't deciding what to do; its deciding what not to do.”
2) 3D printing startup Shapeways raises $30M led by Andreessen Horowitz – This recent and rather impressive investment from Andreessen Horowitz validates the idea that the 3D printing trend is the real deal. Shapeways moved the company from the Netherlands to New York City recently and is printing more than 100,000 products a month for designers.
3) Startup Watch: 5 to Follow – As part of an ongoing series, the Boston Business Journal highlights five New England-based startups that the tech industry needs to recognize. Big surprise: another 3-D printing company is listed.
4) Networking At Incubators, Accelerators And Co-working Spaces – Forbes reporter Karsten Strauss details how co-working, incubators and accelerators serve as valuable resources for networking with service providers and business advisors, but notes that many startups fail to reap the benefits of these opportunities.
What are your favorite news stories from the week?

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