Four Misconceptions About B2B Social Media

March 13, 2012

By: Meaghan
Although most business-to-business companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon, it doesn't necessarily mean they're ready. It's important for B2Bs to determine what they're trying to achieve through various social media channels. Below are four misconceptions B2Bs have about social media and how to overcome them.

  1. Participating in social media will help boost sales. According to the Forrester Research article, “Defining Your B2B Social Media Strategy,” marketers understand they need to get involved in social media, but they don't always start off with the right approach. Social media won't help boost sales unless it's done properly. A social media plan with goals and expectations needs to be in place for companies to be successful.
  2. Twitter is the way to go. The social media market is always evolving. It's important not to put all your efforts into one platform. Instead, consider establishing a strategy for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, and explore new options. Start with objectives rather than procedures and technology. Also, once you've set your plan, ensure that you are continuously analyzing the behaviors of your target audience.
  3. B2B and B2C social media have nothing in common. Much like the way B2C companies use social media to reach consumers, B2Bs are also reaching out to people -- people who are decision-makers of companies. Present a strong business case for your service or solution. For example, a company that is offering cloud services should make sure it addresses the key reasons a CEO should consider adopting cloud computing for his business. This can be done through tweeting the benefits of cloud computing or providing company videos on the subject, which can be posted to YouTube.
  4. Your job is complete once the information has been posted. Many companies fail at social media because they aren't engaging their audiences. Take Twitter, for example. Many companies tweet links to their whitepapers in hopes people will come to their websites. However, if a company fails to interact with its audience, those visits won't materialize. Engage your followers by asking questions or simply by reading their updates and commenting.

By putting these misconceptions to rest, businesses should be well on their way to social media bliss through creating conversations with their potential customers and influencers.

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