Five Reasons Why Pro Bono Work Matters In PR

August 30, 2012

By: Michelle
Metis makes a goal of selecting pro bono clients who need our public relations expertise and counsel. But taking on pro bono clients doesn't just help the non-profits; it benefits the agency, its staff and even our other clients. Here are five reasons why:

  1. It gives team members a sense of purpose. Public relations has been consistently rated in top 10 lists of high-stress career choices. Offering pro bono service to a non-profit prevents burnout and allows employees to feel like their work is truly making a difference. This can help with an agency's retention and employee happiness rate, which translates to happy clients, as well.
  2. It gives creative employees a chance to shine. Pro bono work is an opportunity for professional development beyond our normal scope of work, and our staff is able to rise to the occasion with flair. For example, Metis handles PR for the Joyful Heart Foundation, a non-profit offering support and services for survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Helping this organization with outreach, fundraising and other initiatives taps into our staff's compassion, sensitivity and motivation to reach goals for a great cause.
  3. It's a great “palate cleanser.” When you're working on behalf of a non-profit, your worldview can't help but be permanently opened. Pro bono work forces you to examine issues you wouldn't otherwise face — and you can't be unaffected by it, professionally or personally.
  4. The passion and creativity transfers to other work. At Metis, the team won't hesitate to jump in and help with brainstorming and media outreach when there's a major initiative. The result of this approach: once the team engages in creativity on a topic that's outside the usual area, they take that energy to other, for-profit accounts.
  5. It shows the world who your employees really are. Metis is constantly advising clients to define and display their companies' unique cultures, and we lead by example. Our client list – including our pro bono clients – reflects what excites us, what inspires us, and why our agency is different.

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