Boston’s tech community criticizes noncompete reform

March 5, 2016
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By Erin Rohr
On Wednesday, Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo released a noncompete reform package, which includes limiting these agreements to 12-month restricted periods, requiring notice to new hires and opposing noncompetes for low-wage workers. Although the package didn’t eliminate such contracts altogether, it represents a step forward for the tech community, which views noncompetes as detrimental and stifling to Boston’s innovation and economic growth.
In response to the news, Startup Institute Vice President and Boston Program Director Allan Telio told BostInno the new proposal doesn’t go far enough:

"A 12-month noncompete? Are we really suggesting that keeping a talented person out of their industry of choice for a year is a good idea? It's bad for the economic growth of the state and it's unfair to employees. This isn't just about people who want to leave their company to launch a new company. It's also about employees who want to find a better job. Employees should have the right to work where they want."

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