Boston-based VC deals hit a 15-year high

January 30, 2016
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By: Erin Rohr
As we prepare for a long winter filled with cold temperatures and plenty of snow, one Boston startup plans to capitalize on the season. Yeti, the on-demand snow removal startup, matches contractors and freelance snow-plowers with individuals in need of snow removal services. If you use the service, let us know how you like the results. Below is a recap of this week’s trending conversations and news from Boston’s startup ecosystem.
BostInno: The ClassPass for Food is Launching in Boston
MealPass, a new food venture launching in Boston, is following a similar structure to ClassPass, which allows subscribers to participate in exercise classes at gyms and studios throughout Boston. With a subscription of $99 per month, you’ll have access to a network of restaurants in downtown Boston from which you can pick up lunch every weekday. Co-founder and Massachusetts native Mary Biggins wants to give users a variety of affordable lunch options and introduce them to new eateries in Boston.
BostInno: Here's How Often Boston VCs Actually Invest in Women Founders
Female share of partnerships at VC firms has declined in the past 15 years. The Diana Project at Babson College measured a six percent decline for this statistic in 2014, down from 10 percent in 1999. Michael Moritz's recent foot-in-mouth interview with Bloomberg made Sequoia the latest firm to blame it on a shortage of women in tech entrepreneurship and engineering. BostInno analyzed key Boston-based VC firms to determine which ones are investing in women founders, and the results were startling.
Fortune: Assemble is Building Boston's Next VC Firm
Last fall, Fortune reported the formation of Assemble VC, a Boston-based venture capital firm launched by Michael Skok, John Pearce and C.A. Webb. The group has now raised close to half of its $75 million target for its debut fund. The group also recently interviewed more than 300 entrepreneurs across the U.S. to learn about their experiences raising money, and how to apply that information to the new firm’s structure and best practices.
Variety: Leigh Steinberg Launches Venture Capital Arm for Sports, Entertainment
Legendary sports agent Leigh Steinberg is launching a venture capital initiative, Steinberg Ventures, to invest in emerging companies and startups in the sports and entertainment industries. Steinberg, the basis for Tom Cruise’s character in the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” aims to explore sports-related investments and startups ranging from entertainment projects, such as movies, to consumer goods, gaming and apps.
What are your favorite Boston-based stories from last week? Tell us what we missed.

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