Battle of the social video apps: Instagram Video, Vine and MixBit

November 9, 2013

By: Megan
Social media engagement can communicate your brand's personality and boost interactions with customers and prospects. Instagram, Vine and newcomer MixBit are three mobile, social platforms that allow consumers and brands to interact through video, and the Metis team decided to experiment with each app.
Every Friday we post “Justine's Fun Facts,” short videos that show our office culture and inform viewers about little-known information. We decided to test out the three video publishing apps by filming our Fun Fact videos across Instagram, Vine and MixBit. The process was challenging, and the results were fun. Which app did we like the best? Take a look at our reviews and let us know which app you think is best for video sharing.
The idea of a six-second video seemed challenging – and it was. So why use Vine for your business? Your followers on Vine are there to view videos, and that is exactly what you can provide to them. The short clips give viewers a glimpse into your company culture and can keep them wanting more. We loved the app's ease-of-use. Filming prep took only a few minutes, and filming took, well, six seconds.
(Our first six-second fun fact)
Instagram's newest upgrade to its video-sharing platform included the ability to upload previously recorded videos. This was a huge help in filming our videos, because we could stitch together multiple takes without having to restart the entire filming process. Other great features include clip trimming and an orientation guide that allows you to straighten your video's frame.
(We had fun playing around with different frames in our first Instagram video.)
MixBit is a new video-sharing app, created by the founders of YouTube. The app allows users to edit and publish videos with no time constraints. Additionally, users can share their posted video clips and use other posted clips in their own projects. We started to use the app and were impressed with the quality of the features and the visual layout, but we ran into trouble when it came to uploading. MixBit continuously crashed when we tried to publish our video, or it would leave us with a wait time of several hours for a 20-second project. Version 1.7 of MixBit was released recently, and we are planning to give the app another shot.
(A look at piecing together frames in MixBit)
Overall, we deem Instagram the winner in the battle of social video apps. The ability to publish previously filmed videos makes Instagram great for longer, in-depth projects. Additionally, the app allows you to easily push your content to other social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare and Flickr, leading to a higher number of social media impressions.
How is your company experimenting with video?

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