A PR Intern's Guide to Being a Better Student

December 18, 2012

By: Danielle
After leaving my internship at Metis Communications and diving back into the world of lectures, group projects, 12-page papers and final exams at Northeastern, I realized that I had brought with me many of the experiences and skills that I learned at Metis. Many of these real-world skills came in handy back in the university environment, and they are things that I wish I had known from the start of my college career. So, here are three pieces of advice that all college students should take to the classroom:

  • Always follow through with your communication. This is especially vital in the field of PR when you're trying to get answers for clients, but it is a universally important skill and one that students planning on applying for jobs when they graduate should master. At such a large university, I have seen success using persistence and follow-through to get responses from professors and advisors, who may easily overlook my emails.
  • Network in whatever you do. You never know when you may need someone to help connect you. Whether asking someone to be a reference for an internship, being alerted to job opportunities or finding a familiar face taking the same class as you, it is important to network and maintain relationships with everyone with whom you come in contact. Many of the people in upper-level classes will have the same majors and career interests as you. Always keep this in mind because you never know when you may come in contact with them again in a professional setting.
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork. As a member of the Metis team, I truly understood the importance of teamwork. On each account, members collaborate and brainstorm regularly and work together to achieve monthly goals. This mind-set is easily transferrable to group projects in school. It is so much more effective to work together to write a cohesive paper or presentation that everyone understands than to divide work between group members and piece each topic together.

What other real-life skills do you think are important in the classroom?

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